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Batfrog Darkwing Duck

Cloud of smoke and he appears,
Master of surprise.
Who’s that cunning mind behind
That shadowy disguise?
Nobody knows for sure,
But bad guys are out of luck.
‘Cause here comes Darkwing Duck!

It’s time for the sixth installment of Batfrog Fightin’ Cancer, and it’s also YEAR FIVE! In the last four years we’ve managed to raise $3000 for pancreatic cancer research! Not bad for a bunch of broke college students and post-grads.

This year, I’ll trade you your money for my pride in the form of a DARKWING DUCK costume! Because when there’s trouble, you call DW. Is that big hat, flowing purple cape, and double-breasted coat not embarrassing enough in your book? Check out my BONUS DONATION GOALS, which include a duck bill & feet! Sorry, no gas gun because there is no weapons check at this event (I don’t want to get arrested) and it’s being held at Exposition Park (I don’t want to get shot).

Pancreatic cancer has a five-year survival rate of just 6% and is now expected to be the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. by 2020. I cover all event fees and costume expenses so 100% of your generous donations can fund research and provide support for pancreatic cancer patients and caregivers.

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Donation Levels:
$100: hat
$250: hat + eyemask
$500: hat + eyemask + cape
$750: hat + eyemask + cape + suit top
$1000: FULL COSTUME (hat + eyemask + cape + suit top + costume pants)
$1500: add duck feet (shoe covers)
$2000: add duck bill

You can see all previous event photos here.

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