There’s still time! Make a donation to pancreatic cancer research and I’ll run a 5k dressed as Darkwing Duck. Click here!

We’ve made it past $750! That means I’ll officially be running next weekend’s PurpleStride Los Angeles 5k wearing the (appropriately) purple frocks of Darkwing Duck! It also means I unlock these “badges” that they’ve added to the site this year:

Pig Fundraising Badge
Yeah, this makes perfect sense.


Specifically, I’m wearing his hat, eyemask, cape, and “coat.” Yeah, coat is in quotes because it’s supposed to be hot, I have to run, and do you know how freaking expensive a purple coat is? So it’s a running shirt decorated to look like his double-breasted coat. Don’t like it? Darkwing Duck has some advice for you:

Deal With It


Anyway, the costume’s coming together. I haven’t been able to get by on store-bought costume pieces since way back when I did the Donatello (TMNT) costume. Flash and Wolverine had store-bought masks, and for Flash I could make a generic Flash t-shirt work. But I had to make everything else for the Wolverine costume – except the Soft Claws™. I still have those Soft Claws™. I like to wear them when I’m in a bad mood. You can’t take anything too seriously when you’re wearing Soft Claws™. And you always have to include the trademark symbol on the Soft Claws™. Nobody else in the world outside of the Marvel offices could ever think up the term Soft Claws™.


Besides, we all remember how that vintage Wolverine mask turned out.

Here’s a quick look at the costume pieces for this year:

Batfrog Darkwing Duck Hat
Yes, we had to custom make the hat. Do you know how hard it is to find hats for my giant head in the first place? Much less huge grey hats with brims as wide as the Grand Canyon.


Batfrog Darkwing Duck Costume
Left to right, you’re looking at the cape, hat, and shirt/coat. Eyemask not pictured because it’s not done yet.


We’ve still got a few days left – if you make a donation, I could end up wearing some white pants (Darkwing doesn’t actually wear pants, but I’m too poor to afford a public indecency ticket and also I can’t subject children to that atrocity. Won’t somebody please think of the children.) Also, bonus this year: raise $2000 and I’ll wear duck feet and a duck bill.


Speaking of duck feet and duck bills, I leave you with this insane pattern I found in my mom’s sewing closet.

Daisy Duck Costume Simplicity Pattern
I think I found my costume for next year already.


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