I originally said that Thursday, May 1 would be the deadline for donations counting toward the costume level total. However, at this point I already have all the costume pieces so we can extend it to Friday, May 2 at 7:00pm PDT.

You can still donate past this time – the online system will even accept donations for a few days after the event. And I will dredge up some weird Darkwing Duck fan art to share with you as a thank you regardless of when you make your donation! I just need enough time to make the feet & bill if we reach that level.


If you’re waiting on a paycheck or something and know that you will donate but can’t make the 7pm deadline, please let me know and I will count your donation toward the costume total in advance!


Not comfortable sharing your donation amount with me? Just let me know that you’re donating and I’ll estimate and plan accordingly. (Full disclosure: the donation site compiles a report with all your info including donation amount… so I’ll know eventually. And I am always grateful whether your donation is $1 or $100!)


I have a lot of fun stuff planned for Saturday’s event – much of which will be shared on Twitter for all to see, but a few of these tricks up my sleeve will be saved for a special thank you being mailed exclusively to donors. So hop on board the donation train with as little as $1 before Friday night!


Here’s the link to donate!