All week I’ve been thanking Batfrog donors on Facebook by sending them a piece of Darkwing Duck fan art I found while trolling through Google Images. Some of them are funny, some are graphic, some are… disturbing. Man, the stuff the internet comes up with.

I’ve stuck with the sensational stuff to use for the thank yous – sensationally bad, that is. I’ve save the sensationally good stuff for this celebratory post – we hit $1500 today! So I’ll officially be running tomorrow’s 5k with not only the full Darkwing Duck costume but now with duck feet shoe covers as well! If you’d still like to donate, I’ll add a duck bill at the $2000 mark (as of posting this we’re $450 away). Donation page here.

And now our feature presentation: the Darkwing Duck fan art you didn’t get to see this week! (Click on any image to open the gallery.)