I really have no business at an Instagram factory, but when you throw in ice cream samples and call it the “museum of ice cream” suddenly I’m qualified. Here we go.

Got on top of this business early enough to nab tickets to the original run (end of April – end of May), although they’ve now extended through October. It’s in downtown LA, in the inconvenient and industrial part near the East LA interchange. Fortunately if you go on a weekend, there’s plenty of free street parking. (If you go, don’t be suckered into their valet which is $6 for TWO HOURS. On top of your ticket cost!)

Tickets are wildly overpriced at $30/person, but you do get lots of ice cream samples and it’s a pretty fun experience. Just lower your expectations. This place should be, like, $15.

Our ice cream samples were some McConnell’s berry flavor, mint chip mochi, regular ol’ gummy bears, charcoal cookie dough on sugar cones, and a pancake ice cream sandwich (that’s all I can remember, anyway). McConnell’s is always a winner. The mint chip mochi ice cream was good, but it’s hard to screw up mint chip and/or mochi. The charcoal cookie dough was surprisingly good, although a little weird that it was warm… and it also stains your mouth blue-black. Worth it. The regular ol’ gummy bears were a letdown – I paid you $30, you couldn’t give me some kind of fancy weird flavor gourmet gummies? And the panacke ice cream sandwich, with strawberry flavored rubbery pancakes and meh ice cream, was not the right note to end on.

But this place is basically an Instagram factory, so here are the pictures because that’s all you go for, right? And to jump into the sprinkle pool.