By day, I’m a media professional – I do a weird combo of film/television, contract administration, rights & royalties, and amusement parks & attractions. Reach for the stars, kids, and someday you too can have a strange job! You can read the rest on LinkedIn or just download my resume.

The rest of the time? I’m a geek convention junkie – you’ll probably run into me at San Diego Comic-Con, Gallifrey One, WonderCon, and lots of other events in Southern California (and occasionally outside the state). You may remember me from such defunct con blogs as ConShark.

I’m the kind of person who watches so much TV that I once had an Excel spreadsheet just to keep track of when all my shows were on (thank God for the DVR); I’ve seen 1500+ movies and documentaries but no, probably not the one you’re thinking of right now.

I run half marathons (slowly) and other such types of voluntary torture. I fundraise for pancreatic cancer research each year by running a race in costume, which you can find out about here. I also volunteer at races and at Girl Scout events.

I travel as much as my bank account allows and I’m *this close* to having visited every Disney park in the world.

Do not ask me about Muppets unless you want to start a two hour conversation. Did you know they go through over 200 pairs of eyes per season on Sesame Street?

I’m on Twitter (because I’m old) and Instagram (because I’m young).

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